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About Scherrer Custom Homes

For 95+ years, your Scherrer team has delivered excellence in construction.

From historic roots to a modern legacy, we continue to shape the future with
unwavering commitment and craftsmanship.



Since our founding in 1928, we've remained committed to crafting quality residential and commercial construction across Wisconsin. From our historic roots to becoming a respected construction company in the Midwest, our journey reflects a legacy of expertise, trust, and a passion for turning dreams into reality.


At Scherrer, we prioritize excellence in building to exceed your expectations. Our team of highly experienced craftsmen enables us to provide our residential clients with top-notch training and versatility in the field.


We foster a collaborative working relationship to combine construction with design and architecture. To help you choose the best materials for your home, we offer services such as cost estimation and comparisons, as well as lead time and installation evaluations.

Crafting Dreams into Reality

At our construction company, we offer a diverse range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. From 'Custom Build' projects that turn your dreams into reality, to 'New Additions' that expand your existing space seamlessly, and 'Remodeling' services that breathe new life into your structures. With 'Design + Build,' we provide a holistic approach, combining innovative design and expert construction, ensuring every project is a masterpiece.

Custom Build
Design + Build

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Let's Build Together

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